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Single column hydraulic screen changer for casting film blowing

The single column hydraulic screen changer is a high-end screen changing and filtering system developed specifically for extrusion production users, especially suitable for the melt filtration requirements of high-level automated production lines. Suitable for the production of recycled granulation, cast film, blown film, sheet, sheet, pipe, wire drawing, polished rod, cable and other products. Applicable raw materials include: PP, PE, ABS, PS, PET, PVB, PBT, TPE, PMMA, PC, Pa, etc.

hydraulic screen changer for casting film blowing

The single column dual station hydraulic screen changer  for casting film blowing is composed of basic components such as the main body, column body, hydraulic cylinder, filter block, and safety protective cover of the screen changer. There are two filtering channels on the column of the screen changer, which are equipped with filter blocks. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the two filter blocks can alternately enter the working position and screen changer position.

single pillar hydraulic screen changer

It adopts high-performance steel and special processing and heat treatment methods, with dual filtering channels working alternately, and the screen changes quickly, making it easy for production and maintenance. It has two filtering stations on a column, one working and one standby. When the filter screen needs to be replaced, the hydraulic device is activated to quickly switch stations. The dirty screen station is pushed out, and the standby station enters to complete the screen replacement process.

screen changer for plastic extrusion

Adopting pressure driven rigid sealing technology to prevent leakage and extend service life, the sealing gap can be automatically compensated with the use process. It can meet the high extrusion production of the vast majority of polymers and be used in conjunction with different standard extruders. The filter design with high wear resistance, high pressure resistance, and high precision improves the effective area and quality of filtration. At a pressure of 35MPa and a temperature below 300 ℃, its performance will not be affected. We can provide customers with standard configurations and special processing according to actual requirements.


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