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Introduction to Plastic Granulator Screen Changer

The granulator screen changer is mainly used in granulation, PE, PP, PPR, PERT pipes, plates, sheets, casting films, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber spinning, and other production processes that require uninterrupted material flow and high continuity during screen changing.

screen changer for pelletizing line

Working principle of plastic granulator screen changer

The plastic granulator screen changer is a dual column and dual station screen changer. During operation, two filter screens work simultaneously. When the screen needs to be changed, the hydraulic station can be activated to perform the screen change action. When replacing the filter screen, one screen works, the other screen is replaced, and the two screens are alternately changed. Through the feeding and exhaust devices, the air in the flow channel is completely discharged, achieving non-stop screen change without material leakage, uninterrupted material flow, small material pressure fluctuations, and little impact on production, Production requirements with good continuity.

Screen Changers for Plastic Granulation Machines

Characteristics of screen changer for pelletizing line

1. Dual plunger, dual flow channel, dual station, dual network working simultaneously;

2. Alternate replacement of dual networks to ensure the normal production process;

3. Adopting a rigid sealing structure, safe and reliable without leakage;

4. Progressive feeding and exhaust structure, with small pressure fluctuations during the mesh changing process, ensuring continuous and stable product production;

5. Optimize the design of the flow channel structure, without dead corners or stagnant flow;

6. The detachable orifice plate structure facilitates material cleaning;

7. It can achieve automatic alarm and control, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the system.

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Technical parameters Screen Changers for Plastic Granulation Machines

1. Working temperature ≤ 350 ℃;

2. Working pressure ≤ 50MPa;

3. Pressure difference ≤ 20MPa;

4. Applicable melt viscosity: 100-40000Pa. s;

5. Heating method: electric heating/heating medium heating.

screen changer for big pelletizer

Optional configuration of extruder screen changer manufacturers

1. High corrosion conditions - optional high corrosion resistant material scheme;

2. Mobile installation trolley, integrated with hydraulic station and electrical control system, convenient for on-site maintenance;

3. Optional automatic control system, integrated with PLC and HMI control system, easy to operate;

4. Integrating the connection and control of components such as melt gear pumps, mixers, start-up valves, and underwater cutting die heads, a complete solution can be provided.


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