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What are the types of filter screens for dual plunger hydraulic screen changers?

The dual plunger hydraulic screen changer is used for the production of chemical fibers, blown films, flat films, and cast films, as well as for the manufacturing of pipes, plates, wires, fibers, cutting lines, recycling, etc. The filter shapes currently used in dual plunger hydraulic screen changers can be divided into the following three types:

double pillar hydraulic screen changer

1. Double plunger hydraulic screen changer ZB-DP-2R type, with a circular filter screen shape;

2. Double Pillar extrusion melt filter ZB-DP-2E type, with an elliptical filter screen shape;

3. Double Pillar extrusion melt filter  ZB-DP-2L type has a semi circular and circumferential filter screen shape, commonly referred to as the filter cartridge type, also known as the double column large filter cartridge screen changer.

The latter are all variations of the former in increasing the filtration area, with the filter cartridge type being a super large filtration area that can be used for recycling and granulation.

dual plunger extrusion melt filter

The extrusion melt filter hydraulic screen changer can be divided into manual, hydraulic, and automatic types according to the driving source; From the perspective of usage functions: shutdown and non shutdown; Non downtime can be divided into two categories: non disruptive products (with minimal impact on the product) and disruptive products (with significant impact on the product); From the perspective of action effects, it can be divided into two types: pressure storage quick change type (2-3 seconds based on fast), slow push type (slow type for stability, auxiliary feeding and exhaust structure).


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