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describe the characteristics of the fast screen changer

The plate type rapid screen changer is suitable for the production of granulation, pipe material, film blowing, sheet, adhesive, rubber, chemical fiber products, the production of other thermoplastic products and the blending filtration of materials;

Its main features are: automatic discharge, no filter screen, environmental protection and electricity saving, increase production, strengthen plasticization, no loss, simple manipulation, improve the competitiveness of the enterprises to provide new energy efficiency for each granulation enterprise, is a revolutionary new product in the plastic granulation industry.

Next, the Zhengzhou screen changer manufacturer will briefly describe the characteristics of the fast network changer.

1, the screen changer filter is designed for four channels and four filters. The four network works at the same time, without interruption of material flow and without interruption of products.

2, the design of the exhaust system, can fully remove the material and to change the gas in the porous plate, prevent the formation of gas in the product, improve the quality of products.

The 3 and four runner design is more likely to increase the filtration area and meet the higher production and higher quality production requirements.

4, larger filtration area, suitable for extrusion of different materials and different products.

5. It has good sealing characteristics, rigid seal and long service life.

6, with the function of charging and exhausting and discharging, it can ensure continuous product changing process.

7. It is suitable for high production, high efficiency and high yield continuous operation of large extrusion equipment.

8. The structure design is reasonable, the operation is convenient and the effect is good.

9, according to the needs of users, we can specially design and process various sizes and specifications.

10. It has safety cover design.

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