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Advantages of improved sliding plate type screen changer

  1. Realizing non-stop network change can avoid production standstill and material loss caused by network change, save cost and improve economic benefits of enterprises.

  2. Uninterrupted material flow, reduce fluctuation of flow and pressure, and improve product quality.

  3. The whole device is compact in structure, simple in manufacture, convenient in use and maintenance, stable in performance, safe and reliable, labor-saving and simple through hydraulic control, and can reduce the labor intensity of workers.

  The performance of the improved skateboard screen changer has been improved greatly, saving material and energy for the production of plastic products, improving product quality, increasing productivity, improving labor conditions and improving the economic benefits of enterprises. It is suitable for all kinds of extruders and film blowers. It can also be used for coating compound machine, granulator, foaming machine, etc. It can be used for renovation of old equipment.

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