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  Pre-sale services:

  First, to provide pre-integrated advisory services. According to the actual needs of customers, to provide customers with the best production to meet customer demand for products, including: technical parameters of the machine, machine processing capacity, the company of other similar products.

  Second, to provide sales support services. Machine information I provide consulting services based on, but also with the user's production needs, by means of the most practical and most cost-effective technology to provide high efficiency, high quality processing solutions for customers.

  Third, conduct market research, market demand survey, visit the relevant authorities and users to understand the product requirements or special needs, contact the company, technical research, make every effort to meet customer needs.

  Sale of services:

  First, conscientiously fulfill sales contracts, on-time delivery organization providing installation and commissioning services for free, patient guide users how to properly use after installation tools. And strive to allow users to spend the satisfaction of the machine as soon as possible, faster and create benefits for the user side.

  Second, timely and user settle the purchase price, transport fees, etc., to avoid the problems affecting the user accounts and other machine installation and use, so that cooperation more enjoyable.

  Third, the establishment of user files, documented product name, size, model, serial number and user name, address, phone, contacts, etc., to prepare for the service to work. Our motto is: sales are starting the service.


  First, for the use of machines in the sale process problems, we will promptly organized technical personnel to study and solve the problem as soon as possible to ensure you with the confidence.

  Second, the product easy to change parts or other components of the machine, you will be responsible for the long-term supply. Allowing users worry-free, is the goal of our efforts.

  Third, occasional visits to customers to understand the product usage, and to guide the user maintenance. We hope that our efforts can make our products to create larger and more long for your benefit.

  Fourth, we will promptly to users complained of problems found in customer visits, timely feedback to the company's technical department, and the organization of technical research, and strive to solve problems as soon as possible users. But also hope that the majority of users, to make technical improvements to our comments and suggestions, we firmly believe that "The quality of the user is the mechanical referee, user comments and suggestions, is our greatest benefit."

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