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Professional production of screen changer
The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device comprising one or more screens for filtering foreign particles and impurities when the plasticizing material flows through the screen. Manual screen changer Manual screen changer, as the name suggests is directly by manual manual to switch network equipment. Manual screen changer has a small size, low cost, etc., but its shortcomings are also obvious: slow speed, generally need to stop for network, due to friction and sealing performance considerations filter diameter is generally below 100mm. Hydraulic automatic screen changer Hydraulic automatic screen changer, it is by the complex structure of the hydraulic station to switch back and forth for the screen or change the net column. Hydraulic automatic screen changer has a compact, back pressure seal is good, fast changing network and other advantages, the lack of relatively easy to accept: high cost, hydraulic structure is complex. Mesh belt automatic travel filter The series of filters consists of a 10 m or 20 m filter belt, heating, cooling series and electronic control system. Without the need for external power, relying on pressure to activate the drive automatically control the network. There is no fluctuation in the process flow, the product is not deformed. Suitable for: pp, pe, abs, ps, pmma and other plastic melt, widely used in a variety of film, sheet, sheet, high quality, fiber, wire drawing, granulation and other long process products.

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