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Characteristics, classification, and product configuration of dual plunger plastic filament extruder screen changer

The dual plunger fully automatic screen changer is suitable for applications in granulation, PE, PP, PPR, PERT pipes, sheets, cast films, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber spinning, and other production processes that require uninterrupted material flow and high continuity during screen changing.

Features of the dual plunger fully automatic screen changer: 1. It adopts a rigid sealing structure to ensure no material leakage under high pressure and high temperature conditions. 2. It adopts an integrated structure with no load-bearing gaps, enhancing the load-bearing pressure and increasing the system's load-bearing pressure. 3. The plunger is made of high-quality alloy steel and undergoes nitriding treatment to extend the product's service life. 4. Integrated engineering oil cylinder, with a long service life. 5. The alternating working mode can ensure the continuous and stable material flow during the mesh changing process, as well as the repeatability of process parameters. 6. Progressive feeding and exhaust structure, with small pressure fluctuations during the mesh changing process and continuous stability of the product

double plunger screen changer

The dual plunger fully automatic screen changer can be divided into two stations based on the filtering station: dual station and four station; According to the shape of the filter screen, it can be divided into: double plunger circular hydraulic screen changer, double plunger arc-shaped hydraulic screen changer, and double plunger cylindrical hydraulic screen changer.

There are two configurations available for the dual plunger fully automatic screen changer, standard configuration and customized configuration. The standard configuration is: screen changer main body+energy storage hydraulic pump station+heating device; Customized configuration includes: screen changer body+energy storage hydraulic pump station+heating device+PLC control cabinet.

plastic filament extruder screen changer

BATTE Melt Pump Company has nearly 20 years of experience in the research and development and production of screen changers, providing a comprehensive solution for filtering impurities in various types of melts such as plastics, rubber, chemical fibers, adhesives, melt adhesives, and coatings without leaking or stopping the screen change.


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