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Granulation mold head screen changer

The die head screen changer is suitable for granulation (recycling, modification), pipes, plates, sheets, casting films, etc.

Technical parameters of mold head screen changer

1. Working temperature: ≤ 350 ° C;

2. Working pressure: ≤ 40MPa;

3. Pressure difference: ≤ 20MPa;

4. Applicable melt viscosity: 100-40000Pa. s;

5. Heating method: electric heating/heating medium heating.

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Optional configuration of mold head screen changer

1. High corrosion working condition: High corrosion resistant material scheme can be selected;

2. Mobile installation trolley, integrated with hydraulic station and electrical control system, convenient for on-site maintenance;

3. Optional automatic control system, integrated PLC control system, easy to operate;

4. Integrated connection and control of components such as melt gear pumps, mixers, and start-up valves, providing a complete solution.

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Zhengzhou Batte China is a professional screen changer manufacturer. We believe that any type of plastic product has a suitable screen changer, and each type of plastic product has different production processes and raw materials, and the requirements for the screen changer are also different. Therefore, we have carried out one-on-one targeted research and design, and developed various specialized mesh changers, such as XPS extrusion board dedicated non-stop mesh changers; Special non-stop screen changer for film blowing; Dedicated non-stop screen changer for management industry; Special non-stop screen changer for wire drawing machines; PET, PMMA, PC dedicated non-stop screen changer; Special non-stop screen changer for PVC products, etc.


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