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How to choose the special non-stop screen changer for the pipe industry and special pipes

Pipe production is divided into PE solid wall pipe, corrugated pipe, drip irrigation belt, PPR pipe, PERT floor heating pipe, steel wire reinforced pipe, steel belt winding pipe, gas pipe, polyurethane foam insulation pipe, gas pipe, water supply pipe, drainage pipe, reinforced pipe Pipes, composite pipes and various large municipal pipes, PVC pipes, etc. Non-stop screen changer for pipe industry and special pipe material We recommend the use of special screen changer for pipe material on large aspect ratio, high melting pressure and high output pipe material unit. Zhengzhou Batte extrusion melt filter screen changer manufacturer has given the scheme of matching screen changer for PE solid-wall pipe and double-wall corrugated pipe.

dual plate screen changer

In the production of PE solid wall pipes, the selected hydraulic screen changer is generally installed between the barrel flange of the extruder and the die flange, and the bolts pass through the flange and are fixed on the screw holes of the screen changer. PE pipe extruder is now divided into high-speed machine and ordinary machine. Generally, the ordinary machine is equipped with a screen changer according to the conventional selection principle, and the high-speed machine is equipped with a larger size on the original basis. The PE solid-wall pipe is selected as Batte's double-plate double-station screen changer, which is cost-effective, convenient and quick to change the screen, does not stop for screen change, and does not leak material, which has been widely recognized by customers. Small-diameter pipes or manufacturers with high requirements on automation can use Batte mesh belt type automatic screen changer, which does not require manual operation, fully automatic production, continuous production, and no leakage.

single slide plate screen changer

The double-wall corrugated pipe is selected as Batte's single-plate double-station screen changer, the screen changer is installed on the inner and outer walls at the same time, and the one-to-two energy storage hydraulic station is used, which is cost-effective, convenient and quick to change the screen, and does not stop to change the screen (inner wall, The outer wall has been replaced by the net), no leakage, and the majority of customers have been widely recognized. Some manufacturers only install the screen changer on the outer wall extruder. When installing the screen changer, the host should move back a certain distance.

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