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Introduction of Extruder Plate Type Fast Hydraulic Screen Changer

The extruder plate type hydraulic screen changer has a wide range of applications and is cost-effective. It has the advantages of non-stop, no material leakage, high pressure/high temperature resistance, large filter area, simple operation, and less screen-changing waste. Used in conjunction with an extruder.

single quick hydraulic screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte plate type quick screen changer realizes rapid switching of filter stations within 2s, fast screen change, small material flow change, no material leakage, high pressure resistance (up to 50MPA), large filter area, short and straight flow channels, no leakage Dead corners, using internal heating, fast heating speed, uniform temperature, low energy consumption, simple and fast screen changing operation, less waste generated during screen replacement, and filter screen replacement without stopping.

single plate B series Hydraulic screen changer

Application range of plate screen changer

1. Blown film production (no material leakage, multi-layer co-extrusion to achieve non-stop screen change, low price).
2. Pipe production (PE solid wall pipe, PPR pipe, PERT floor heating pipe, gas pipe, corrugated pipe, carbon corrugated pipe, thermal insulation pipe, carat pipe, steel belt winding pipe, steel wire reinforced pipe, drip irrigation belt, PP pipe, electricity tube, communication tube, etc.).
3. Production of hollow products (oiler, blowing bottle, industrial supplies, daily chemical supplies, food packaging, blowing barrels, etc.).
4. Production of plates and sheets.
5. Production of lamination film and cast film (to achieve high temperature production of 340 degrees without leakage).
6. Production of hot melt adhesive.

single plate A series Hydraulic screen changer

The standard configuration of the plate type hydraulic screen changer provided by the company is: screen changer main body + energy storage hydraulic pump station + heating device; customized configuration is: screen changer main body + energy storage hydraulic pump station + heating device + electrical control cabinet.

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