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Take you to understand the structure of the double column hydraulic screen changer

The angle between the two flow passages of the double-column screen changer is precisely designed and processed to minimize the resistance of the material in the flow passage. Compared with the plate type screen changer, the double-column screen changer has better sealing performance, no leakage, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and less deformation. The pressure fluctuation during screen change is small, and the impact on the product is small. The two net blocks work at the same time, and there will be no raw material and aging phenomenon in the net blocks. According to the picture below, Zhengzhou batte Screen Changer will show you the structure of the double-column screen changer.

Double pillar screen changer structure diagram

1. Nozzle
2. Communication interface (thermocouple, pressure gauge, displacement gauge)
3. Hydraulic cylinder
4. Power interface
5. Front guard
6. Ring
7. Pressure sensor
8. Thermocouple
9. Heater
10. Shield handle
11. Rear guard
12. Column
13. mesh block, filter

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