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What are the structures of special mesh changer for melt blown fabric

  The special mesh changer for melt blown fabric is composed of main body, sealing component, porous plate, filter screen and switching device. In the material selection of the main body of the melt blown cloth screen changer, Zhengzhou Bart adopts high-quality alloy steel; in the sealing component and switching device of the screen changer, alloy steel is adopted through special heat treatment process, the purpose of which is to extend the service life of the sealing component and switching device, ensure the sealing accuracy of the screen changer, and ensure no leakage in long-term use.

  The filter screen of the special mesh changer for melt blown fabric is a woven wire mesh disc or a stainless steel mesh disc. It is usually composed of several layers of nets with different mesh numbers. The outer coarse mesh is stronger, which can prevent the larger particles from entering the inner fine mesh prematurely. The net with finer inner layer can filter the smaller solid particles in the melt flow. The selection of filter screen for screen changing filter shall be based on the cleanliness of different products and raw materials. In order to resist the force produced by the melt flow, the filter screen group is lined with a round steel plate with a dense hole, called porous plate or honeycomb plate, which is embedded in the mesh plate or mesh column of the screen changer, or directly installed at the extruder barrel.

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