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Screen changer for plastic sheets

screen changer for plastic sheets

The production process of plates and sheets is generally long, requiring high stability during mesh changing. Moreover, product interruption during mesh changing can be troublesome and cause waste; In response to this working condition, Zhengzhou Bart has launched a screen changer for sheet metal. This equipment consists of a screen changer body, plunger, high-temperature oil cylinder, heater, etc. The components are made of special alloy steel, which is specially processed through multiple processes such as quenching and tempering, nitriding, and precision grinding. It adopts a special flow channel design and a pressure stabilizing structure, which does not stop the machine, leak materials, interrupt product production, produce less waste, save time and labor costs.

hydraulic none stop screen changer for plastic extrusion

Zhengzhou BATTE is a professional screen changer manufacturer. The non-stop screen changer provided is made of precision machining, durable, increased production and energy saving, and effectively improves production efficiency without material leakage. It is widely used in rubber, sheet materials, pipe particles and other fields, and can also be customized according to demand. Zhengzhou Bate has launched specialized mesh changers for different working conditions of customers, including specialized mesh changers for aquaculture and fiber production, mesh changers for degradable materials, mesh changers for pipelines, mesh changers for foam products, melt blown fabric mesh changers, and low melt finger mesh changers.

plastic sheet screen changer


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