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Characteristics of mesh changer for melt blown fabric

  The series of screen changing filters are designed with double channel and double screen structure. During the screen changing, one screen works, one screen changes, without interrupting the material flow and products, so as to realize the screen changing without stopping

  The exhaust system is designed to fully remove the gas contained in the material and the porous plate to be replaced, prevent the gas from forming in the product during the process of replacing the mesh, and improve the quality of the product

  The double channel design improves the filtering area and meets the production requirements of higher output and higher quality

  Large filtering area, suitable for extrusion production of different materials and products

  Good sealing characteristics, rigid sealing, long service life

  ● it has the functions of charging, exhausting and discharging to ensure the continuity of products in the process of network change

  ● special design and processing of various sizes and specifications according to the user's requirements

  ● reasonable structure design, convenient operation and excellent effect.

  ● the filter screen on the same size column can be processed into round, arc-shaped, elliptical, cylindrical, etc

  ● with safety shield design

  It is used in the production of chemical fiber, blown film, flat film and cast film, the manufacture of pipe, plate, wire rod and fiber, grain cutting, recycling, etc.

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