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Influence of screen changer on the quality of convection film

Influence of screen changer on the quality of convection film

The performance requirements of the tine film production to the body

The film product has many functions, high requirements and strict processing conditions. Only the superior performance of the extruder can meet the demand of the diaphragm production. The specific requirements for the extruder are as follows:

1, fine filtration, no impurity into.

2. There is no stagnant flow in the flow passage of the extruder. There is no dead angle.

3. When the screen changer filter is replaced, the material flow is stable and the temperature fluctuation is small. It can guarantee the continuous production of the products for a long time. It does not produce the waste products 4, the filter net is cheap, and the two times of cross pollution is not produced in one time use.

4. The operation of the screen changer is simple and easy, and the labor and labor are less and less.

5, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, no leakage of material;

6.The extruder screen changer is stable in performance, reliable in operation and low in application cost.

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