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Continuous Screen Changer
Continuous Screen Changer provides continuous polymer flow and consistent, repeatable process parameters during screen changes. The features, benefits, related services, and specifications are as follows.

Continuous Screen Changer

Continuous Screen Changer Functions:
As polymer enters the screen changer the melt stream is divided equally and distributed through two theologically optimized breaker plates. This method of filtration provides increased screen area as compared to single breaker plate screen changer designs and maintains a streamlined polymer flow path. Polymer merges back to a single melt stream as it exits the screen changer.

Continuous Screen Changer Features and Benefits:

◆ Wear free metallic sealing system no additional seal required
◆ Automated control
◆ Optimized flow channels
◆ Fully guarded
◆ Removable polymer tray
◆ Integrated support system
◆ Designed using FEA modeling
◆ CE compliant

Continuous Screen Changer Benefits:
◆ Increased production due to reduced downtime & scrap
◆ Operator friendly due to simple and safe operation as well as reduced maintenance
◆ Accurate, repeatable screen changes possible due to automated control

Related Services:
On-site Start-up Assistance and Training:
Batte offers a comprehensive service menu catered to meet your specific requirements and to ensure your equipment performs to your expectations.

Laboratory Testing of Customer Polymers:
Batte employs three complete extrusion lines to emulate your process conditions and to provide real-world test results for your review prior to purchasing the equipment.

Polymer Rheology Testing:
Batte has the ability to provide polymer viscosity, melt index, and moisture analysis.

Continuous Screen Changer Specifications:
Model Extruder Output*
kg/hr (lbs/hr)
Screen Diameter
mm (in.)
Filter Area
cm² (in.²)
ZB-DP-300 272 (600) 76.2 (3.00) 2 x 45.61 (7.07)
ZB-DP-379 476 (1050) 96.3 (3.79) 2 x 72.78 (11.28)
ZB-DP-458 680 (1500) 116.3 (4.58) 2 x 106.26 (16.47)
ZB-DP-552 998 (2200) 140.2 (5.52) 2 x 154.33 (23.92)
ZB-DP-583 1098 (2420) 148.1 (5.83) 2 x 172.14 (26.68)
ZB-DP-694 1601 (3530) 176.3 (6.94) 2 x 243.95 (37.81)
ZB-DP-907 2721 (6000) 230.4 (9.07) 2 x 416.67 (64.58)
ZB-DP-1063 6000 (13,230) 270.0 (10.63) 2 x 572.50 (88.72)

Maximum Pressure: 517 bar (7500 psi)
Maximum Differential Pressure: 207 bar (3000 psi)
Maximum Temperature: 315°C (600°F)
* Extruder output will vary based on actual process conditions

Equipment Options:
◆ Automatic Control System
◆ Adapters
◆ Custom Mounting Stands
◆ Gear Pump Systems
◆ Static Mixers
◆ Pelletizers
◆ Cleaning Ovens
◆ Turn-Key System Integration

Continuous Screen Changer is also available in a vertical orientation offering a more compact design, requiring less aisle space than the horizontal versions.

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